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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trucking right along.

I finally weaseled my way into FFXIV while watching copious amount of Dwarf Fortress Let's Play videos. Just from the videos (which I would recommend watching rather than just diving into the game) I've become very impressed with the depth and detail of the game. It's almost as if I thought something like this wouldn't exist.

Here is my kitty lady Nyanlathotep Black from FFXIV in case you'd like to jump on into Fabul with me some shirts. I thought it made sense that a kitty would excel in working with various yarn and thread. In a sort of related note, I really should try and get a picture of all of my Khajit Nyanlathoteps from The Elder Scrolls series.

Secret Santa is approaching quickly and I foolishly choose someone I know pretty well and that makes it hard to make a simple gift amazing. I hope I can come up with something because the only idea I have right now is pretty damn weak.

Somebody put me to work.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Introductions are in order, I suppose.

Here is a Chinese dude playing, Ao Oni (translates to Blue Demon/Ogre) a horror game that has been translated in English from it's original Japanese where it was made in a Japanese RPG Maker program. The layers!

So I'm unemployed right now; some might even say that I'm blissfully unemployed. As a result, well, the above happens, but I also played through a game called Which today. It was, uh, purdy coo'. IN 3D!

Here's this guy and this is what I think of him.

Speaking of that guy, I also just downloaded Dwarf Fortress. I'm going to give that a go and get back to you. On the chopping block is also Shogun 2: Total War and Final Fantasy XIV. Hopefully in the very near future I will have the means necessary to start doing video reviews and captures to make this a little more interesting although I prefer to have the actual substance of the review in text. My sister and a good friend suggested that I do Let's Play style video captures because apparently I'm a real character. I'll let you all be the judge.